the project

“A Cure for Concrete” steers creation of visual imagery on concrete surfaces by experimenting with co-additives to an existing, but underused, concrete curing compound. Both the additives and curing compound can be derived from waste products, such as Vivianite, a by-product of wastewater treatment. The pictorial ornamentation will not only make buildings and the urban…

curing concrete

Concrete has been in the news several times in the past year. From bridges collapsing after a mere 50 years (by way of comparison, the Pantheon in Rome has a concrete dome roof which is about 2000 years old), to cement (the key component of concrete) being responsible for 8% of CO2 emissions, this substance of…


We ran a ‘material hackathon’ in the TU Delft Science Centre where my residency took place, to share our process and findings, with TU Delft students and others, to open up the process and see where the materials took them. Participants used the same materials as available to me and then added some of their…


some of the vivianite samples we got from the wastewater treatment process weren’t cleanable or usable for the experiment because they were already too far oxidised. Stephen created some in the lab so we could carry on with the experiments and the hackathon in a timely fashion.. the real deal .. unusable this time vivianite…

living surfaces exhibition and talks at tu delft library

The Living Surfaces exhibition allowed me to place the new work (in the form of surfaces as well as photographs) in context with the photography that inspired our collaboration, exemplifying the transcendence of scale in the forms and patterns in my work. Stephen and I led some groups around the exhibition and discussed our work…

vivianite and cracks

no delft green curing coating.. the concrete cracks and the vivianite fills them

vivianite drip tests

dripping blue vivianite on wet concrete gives unexpected results. CEM IIIB and CEM I are the kinds of cement used in the concrete.

vivianite and cement

vivianite on wet CEM I cement – as the cement dries and the reaction develops


  vivianite, after cleaning, from a wastewater treatment plant